Ever notice how Pro-Density Candidates never actually mention anything about being Pro-Density?

If these candidates believe that increased density is SO good for White Rock whether “people want it or not”, why don’t they list their Pro-Development voting record in their Campaign Materials? Strange.

Mayor Baldwin and the Majority of Candidates in the White Rock Coalition either Vote Pro-Density, make money through rental properties, and/or own a business related to real-estate.

Here is the list of Pro-Density Candidates based on their voting record or business:

Mayor Baldwin – Voted for White Rock Muffler, Evergreen, Vidal*
Grant Meyer – Voted for White Rock Muffler, Evergreen, Vidal
Bill Lawrence – Voted for White Rock Muffler, Evergreen, Vidal
Cliff Annable – Supported Bosa and is a real-estate speculator
Megan Knight – Notary Republic

Mayor Baldwin was also a strong advocate for approving the Bosa Towers as CAO despite thousands of residents being opposed to it and who signed a petition with Democracy Direct to block it.

Who are my favorite picks for City Council?
David Bradshaw for Mayor

For Council:
Dennis Lypka, Helen Fathers, Margaret Woods, David Chesney, Ross Haugland, and Pattie Petrala.

These are our picks, but please do you own research, ask the candidates lots of questions and vote smart. Do not be fooled by Campaigns, look at how the Candidate votes!

We have heard time and again that increased density is needed to help lower our taxes and improve our businesses. Yet our taxes are the highest of any similar sized city by a large margin and 50% higher than Surrey’s taxes. And our local businesses are being crippled by excessive business taxes that are even higher, and by pay parking, and by having to operate their business in poorly maintained rented shops owned by real estate speculators who hold onto the property without maintaining them while waiting to develop another tower there. Density is hurting residents and business while helping developers get rich and the politicians that they support get elected.
Years of Baldwin Densification Has Increased Our Taxes

The White Rock Coalition says that its first key priority is “Preserving Our Community”, yet look at what projects Coalition members Grant Meyer, Bill Lawrence, and Cliff Annable have supported in the past.

Candidates who have supported these high density developments despite strong resident opposition are:
Mayor Baldwin – Voted for White Rock Muffler, Evergreen, Vidal*, supported Bosa
Grant Meyer – Voted for White Rock Muffler, Evergreen, Vidal
Bill Lawrence – Voted for White Rock Muffler, Evergreen, Vidal
Cliff Annable – Supported Bosa and is a real-estate speculator

None of their campaign material talks about supporting densification.

There is nothing wrong with supporting densification if that is what you say you support. If you are elected because residents want more density, then more Density should happen. That is great so long as the people know who they are voting for, and the politicians have the integrity to admit it.

Integrity means saying what you do, and doing what you say.

In fact, the record shows that each of the incumbent candidates above received campaign contributions from developers in 2011. That seems inconsistent with their campaign materials too. Strange.

Integrity means saying what you do, and doing what you say. Mayor Baldwin said he opposed Vidal, but his actions ensure it passed.

A politician’s actions must match his public statements.
Without that, there is no integrity.

Your vote matters! Tell your friends and Vote for a Change!

*Note – Mayor Baldwin publicly claimed to oppose the Vidal Street 12-Storey Mega-Condo but his actions on Oct 21st say otherwise and resulted in Vidal being approved because he voted to delay the vote.

Council was to vote on the Vidal development on Oct 21st and because Grant Meyer was not present, the Mayor could have immediately defeated this proposed development that night by creating a 3-3 tie with both Helen Fathers and Al Campbell also opposed. But what did Mayor Baldwin actually do? He delayed the vote until the next Council meeting to ensure that Grant Meyer would be there to vote FOR the development1!

By delaying the vote, Mayor Baldwin could safely vote against Vidal publicly, knowing that Grant’s vote would ensure that it still passed. Mayor Baldwin claimed that he wanted to turn down the project, but ensured that it received final approval from council by delaying the vote. And this is exactly what happened at the next Council meeting.

Vote Smart this Saturday on November 15th.
Vote for a Change.

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