Do you want a Casino on the Semiahmoo Penisula?

Do you want a Casino on the Semiahmoo Penisula? Me either!

A convention centre and theatre complex with multiple restaurants? That sounds GREAT! But unfortunately, it comes with a cost. A major Casino. People in BC our losing their homes and families are breaking up over gambling addictions. Why does our government keep pushing for more of these? Who benefits?

Whether your pro or against, come to the South Surrey Casino Open House Today at 6pm at the Hazelmere Golf & Tennis Club at 18150 8th Ave in Surrey.

Come hear what the plans are and have your say. Community Discussion Meetings will be held in South Surrey regarding:

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation has announced a South Surrey Destination Casino to be opened in 2014 or early 2015 once City of Surrey Mayor and Council approves the application.

It is not too late to stop this from happening in your backyard. It is NOT a done deal… yet!

There are two sides to the story so come hear what the developer is planning. It will mean some more jobs, but also more gambling addictions and broken homes. Come decide for yourself before someone decides for you! Thanks!

The government tells us in Ads to “Please gamble responsibly”. That sounds so nice. It sounds like all one has to do is gamble in moderation and you’ll be fine. It sounds like the government is concerned and wants to help. But what they do not tell you is that gambling is addictive. I do not mean habit forming, I mean addictive. They do not tell you how gambling changes brain chemistry just as effectively as a drug addition. You can see the effects in an MRI scan of the brain. What they do not tell you is that you do not get addicted to gambling by playing and winning, studies show that people get addicted by “almost winning” or by watching someone else nearby who wins. That’s why Casino’s like to have long rows of Slot Machines so when finally someone wins, then other gamblers in that row see it happening. The brain concludes that one need only play a little while longer, and you’ll get that big pay-off. Unfortunately, it only gets worse from there. I had close friends who started gambling occaisionally. It started slowly. Then they got into credit card debt to help pay for the next round of slots, then they lost their nice house near the beach, and then they got divorced, and it got worse from there. Does this happen to every gambler? No, of course not. But it happens all too often. It needs to stop. Let’s ask our governments to “Please govern responsibly”. Let them know how you feel about it now, and then let them know again at the Polls at election time.

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