Meet with Candidates: David Bradshaw

It looks like there will be at least two candidates for the Mayor’s chair this year. That’s excellent news!

David Bradshaw entered the race this week for the Mayor’s chair. David decided to run because of how the City has allowed developers to run over the rights of Property Owners and virtually ignore the OCP and Bylaws. You may recall that David was recently in the Peace Arch Times complaining about how the City allowed developers to build over the OCP height restrictions, and that they were given specific permission by Mayor Wayne Baldwin himself. No one should be ignoring the OCP, especially the Mayor! You can read more about it here. Good luck David!

Here is what happened to David when the Mayor signed off to allow Tatla to exceed the agreed building height in front of David’s building:

“The buiding looked too high to me,” Bradshaw said as he observed work taking place just a few metres from his bedroom window. He said he was later advised – after pressing the mayor and chief building official for answers – “that the beam’s height was allowed to jumped by more than two feet from the 51.25-foot maximum that residents heard at the public hearing to 53.48 feet.”

“Just a few weeks later, the mayor signs off on 53.48 feet,” Bradshaw said. “How does that happen? There’s a whole series of exceptional allowances for this project and we can’t get any reasonable explanation.”

Personally, I had my own Mayor papers filled in and was ready to submit my own papers to run for Mayor this afternoon if no one else signed up first. We cannot let Mr. Baldwin continue to believe that we agree with his bullying and complete disregard the OCP and his contempt for citizens and their need for a healthy community governed by an OCP that limits excessive growth and protects our community and our property values.

Mayor Wayne “I am the Boss” Baldwin needs to go in my opinion. We need a Mayor who will listen to everybody including residents, developers, and business to come up with solutions that benefit the entire community, not just greedy developers and the politicians that they support.

For a list of the Candidates, click here.

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