Campaign Contributions

I accept NO campaign donations from developers. Zero
Because anything else would be a conflict of interest!

Ever wonder where the Mayor and Councillors get their Campaign Contributions from?

The information is available from the BC Elections website:

In the 2014 White Rock Election Campaign, the Mayor and all White Rock Coalition Candidates received significant campaign contributions from Developers, whose developments were later approved by Council. Many people in White Rock have commented that this gives the appearance of Conflict of Interest.

Here is the data on who contributed to whom. Decide for yourself if your council represents you and the residents of White Rock, or do they represent Developers and Real-Estate agents who fund their campaigns? You decide, based on real data.

Contributions for 2014 White Rock Election based on BC Elections website data:

After the election, Candidates update their Campaign Declarations. You can find those at the BC Elections website as well.