PC Tips

Being a computer geek, people often ask me for advice about their PC.

Computer Geek

I created a list of topics people ask me most often about:

Much of the answers to your problems can be solved with a quick google search. The problem that much of the advice on the web is out of date, or conflict. So who do you trust? Good question!

What I typically do is check out the various site addresses that google displays, and look for credible sites with recent articles. Then I read those and look to see if multiple sites say the same thing. So what’s a credible site? Sites owned by Microsoft, Apple, and PC magazines that have nothing to gain by lying to you are a good start. If you go to a site which is selling something or has lots of pop-ups, back out of that site and go somewhere else.

If you have a question, leave a comment and I will see if I can find the answer.

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