Your support is most welcome in whatever form it takes. The election for White Rock is on November 15th.
I decided not run this year, but instead focus effort on getting the vote out against the Baldwin Slate of Higher Density at-all-costs whether residents “like it or not”.

Mayor Baldwin has bullied residents and City Council alike, whenever we disagree with him he reminds residents that he “is the Boss”.
Let’s remind Mayor Baldwin that residents should be the boss. We should have the final say on how our community grows, not developers.

If you agree with my position on High Rise development, anti-coal trains, White Rock owning its own water, anti-Casino, and better dangerous dog bylaw enforcement, then please vote for Change at the next White Rock City Council election in 2014 and ask your friends if they will do the same. Let get representation on council that listens to residents and who want to support limited sustainable development in our city which does not neglect the impact on our hospitals, our roads, and our schools. If developers are going to build here, some of their profits should go towards helping out with our infrastructure and support our hospitals and schools.

If you have no time, money, or friends, then please support by liking our Facebook page. If you tell your friends, and they tell their friends, we might be able to change the way this city is growing and provide new ideas into council and make White Rock grow in ways that we and our grandchildren will be proud of.

Many thanks.

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