Many politicians speak about the benefits of densification but the benefits do not out weigh the costs.

Densification has increased our taxes, congested our schools and roads, increased wait times at the hospital and increased crime.

So who benefits?
Developers, and the politicians that they support.

2 thoughts on “Densification

  1. I walked the West-side side walk of Johnston Rd. today from North Bluff down to 5 Corners for an appointment (in a hurry). I was struck by the dangerously uneven pavement buckling due to tree-rootings. The frosty slippery weather is coming….and I foresee many fall-injuries (fractured hips & wrists & ankles) landing in our already crowded PAH ER. The medical costs will be astronomical for our Health System..let alone the personal trauma. This should be #1 on the List of MUST DO IMPROVEMENTS.

    • I believe it is the East side which is so uneven, and I agree that this should be fixed urgently to prevent more seniors from falling and getting hurt. Seniors coming out of the White Rock Players Club theatre right up to Penguin Meats have a big risk of falling on this sidewalk. This was my #1 concern when I filled out the White Rock Capital Spending survey. They reviewed the decisions on Monday, but I was unable to attend. I will follow up to see if this sidewalk improvement is on the to-do list.

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