Six New 25-Story High Rises proposed in the updated White Rock OCP

The White Rock planning department held a public meeting to review proposed changes to the White Rock Official Community Plan (the OCP) on Thursday February 7th. The proposed bylaw #1980, Amendment #12 to the OCP, proposes to change city-zoning rules to allow developers to build towers in the downtown core of up to 25 stories tall.
This bylaw would pre-approve zoning for six new large towers in the downtown core that would be up to 20 to 25 stories tall, plus a number of smaller towers of 8 to 12 stories tall.
White Rock OCP 2013 001

This is great for developers, but not so great for residents. Our roads, schools and hospitals are already too crowded. Let’s improve those before we start adding thousands more into White Rock City Centre. Let White Rock City Hall know how you feel before they pass Amendment #12 to make this the new OCP. If you like this, let City Hall know that as well. I will post more details about the proposed changes soon.

It’s your City by the Sea. Let City Hall know what you think.

To provide White Rock City Planning with your feedback, use the following form:
Feedback to OCP Amendment #12

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