EPCOR Towers – aka Greedy EPCOR & Developer Insanity!

EPCOR Towers- aka Greedy EPCOR & Developer Insanity!
– by Ross Buchanan. Read the entire article in the White Rock Sun

Here is one for the “only in White Rock” list.

EPCOR the $2 Billion a year utility owned by the City of Edmonton (and the owner of the White Rock water system) has agreed to a deal whereby if their property on Oxford Hill can be rezoned to accommodate two commercial condo towers they will be willing to sell their property. The two towers (21 and 24 storeys) would be constructed on the western portion of the EPCOR land. If approved the rezoning would obviously be a huge cash windfall for EPCOR.

Personally I can’t imagine how any of the White Rock councillors would even consider or vote on this proposal as every one of them is in a position of ethical conflict given that the city is currently in negotiations to acquire EPCOR’s water utility operations in White Rock. In my opinion that fact alone creates an ethical conflict of interest. How can you be negotiating to acquire a company and at the same time consider a very significant rezoning application from the same company that will result in EPCOR reaping windfall profits? Could this be some kind of a side deal that greases the wheels of the negotiations?

Read the rest of this story in the White Rock Sun:
White Rock Sun - Letters withRoss Buchanan jpg

Public Information Meeting for the proposed development of two 21 and 24 story high rise towers, high density development at 1454 Oxford Street (EPCOR Land) Wednesday, April 9th from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM in the United Church at 15385 Semiahmoo Avenue in White Rock. Be there!

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