Want Lower Taxes? We need Fiscal Responsibilty, Not Densification!

Some people argue that increasing density is a good thing for White Rock and that adding more people will lower our taxes. White Rock has been increasing its density for over a decade now. Forget the spin. Let’s look at data to see how densification has failed to lower your taxes!
White Rock Taxes vs Similar BC Cities

Here’s a graph that compares White Rock’s taxes to similar BC Cities. Notice how our taxes are WAY higher!

Check out Pitt Meadows for example. White Rock has about the same population as Pitt Meadows, but the average taxes paid by homeowners in White Rock is DOUBLE what residents in Pitt Meadows pay! White Rock density is TWICE the density of Surrey. Are our taxes lower? Not at all! Our taxes are about 50% higher than Surrey.

So what does the data tell us?
Taxes are high because City Hall wastes millions of dollars not because we need more density!
Listen to Data, Not Political spin!

Remember that on November 15th when you vote.
Vote for sound financial management and lower taxes, Not higher density!

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