Voting Record on High Density Developments

Candidates who have supported high density developments despite strong resident opposition are:
– Mayor Baldwin – Voted for White Rock Muffler, Evergreen, Vidal*
– Wayne Baldwin – Strongly Supported the Bosa Towers as White Rock CAO
– Grant Meyer – Voted for White Rock Muffler, Evergreen, Vidal
– Bill Lawrence – Voted for White Rock Muffler, Evergreen, Vidal
– Cliff Annable – Supported Bosa and is a real-estate speculator

White Rock Excessive Development Upsets Residents
Vote Smart this Saturday on November 15th.
Vote for a Change.

Mayor Baldwin publicly claimed to oppose the Vidal Street 12-Storey Mega-Condo but his actions on Oct 21st ensured that it passed.

Council was to vote on the Vidal development on Oct 21st and because Grant Meyer was not present, the Mayor could have immediately defeated this proposed development that night by creating a 3-3 tie with both Helen Fathers and Al Campbell also opposed. But what did Mayor Baldwin actually do? He delayed the vote until the next Council meeting to ensure that Grant Meyer would be there to vote FOR the development1!

Then, at the next council meeting, Mayor Baldwin could safely vote against Vidal, knowing that Grant’s vote would ensure that it passed.

The Mayor discussed this point with me privately following the Nov 10th All Candidates meeting. He said that IF he had voted against the project on Oct 21st and it failed, then Grant Meyer could have later appealed that vote and forced another vote. The end result would be no worse and it could possible have been better if Grant Meyer lost the appeal.

But we do not believe that such an appeal process exists. There have been plenty of votes with absent councilors in the past in White Rock and no appeals.

However, even if this appeal process actually existed as the Mayor says it does, then it is still Mayor Baldwin’s fiduciary responsibility to act and vote according to his beliefs, and so it was his responsibility to vote against Vidal on Oct 21st in keeping with his publicly stated position.

And IF such an appeal process exists, which I doubt, then it would be up to Councillor Grant Meyer to publicly go through that appeal process as part of his fiduciary responsibility to the voters.

If a Mayor chooses to vote FOR supporting a project that he publicly says he opposes, just for the sake of avoiding a possible appeal, then that Mayor is not a strong enough leader to be the Mayor in my opinion. Process should never stand in the way of a Mayor doing the right thing for the voters.

Sorry Mayor Baldwin, I just do not buy that story.

The Mayor is a strong leader, so he must have voted with his own beliefs about the Vidal project, but that would mean his beliefs do not match what he says in public.

And if that is true, then that would mean a lack of integrity.

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