Congrats to the Mayor and our new Council

Unfortunately, the Mayor and most of these Councillors are known for ignoring the concerns of citizens and doing what developers want. Another four years of towers, carriage homes, OCP Changes, neglect of infrastructure, and happy developers awaits.

Voters believed the Glossy Spin in the pamphlets and forgot what it was like at Public Hearings to be ignored by “the Boss” and all those Pro-Development City Councillors.

Happy for the Mayor and new City Councillors but sad for White Rock.

When candidates smear fellow candidates in a “moment of anger and outrage”, they soil us all. It is disappointing when voters condone such dirty politics and smear campaigns. David Bradshaw may not have been the perfect candidate, but all candidates deserve the respect of presenting their case to the electorate without mud. Voters deserve that too. Having thrown much mud, this new council can hardly be considered squeaky clean. Mud is difficult to wash off and this whole campaign has left us, and our White Rock, all a little more soiled.
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