White Rock City Council: Favoritism for the Few, leaves Frequent Frustration for Local Farmers and Residents Alike

White Rock Farmers’ Market start time too early?
The White Rock Farmers’ Market has been operating in Miramar Village Square since 2009 without a single noise complaint.
(See Peace Arch News White Rock Farmers’ Market disputes mayor’s ‘complaints )

The White Rock Farmers' Market has been operating in Miramar Village Square since 2009

The White Rock Farmers’ Market has been operating in Miramar Village Square since 2009

Yet Mayor Baldwin and City Councillors Bill Lawrence and Grant Meyer say that the Farmers Market 7am set up time is disturbing residents because one of their friends and fellow Coalition member, Cliff Annabelle, wrote the Mayor a single letter. Mayor Baldwin originally said that there had been many complaints over the years, then later admitted to PAN reporters that there are no other complaints on record. Just this one complaint, and in an instant, the rules for the Farmer’s market were changed because of this one complaint came from a friend of City Council.

If the Mayor and Council are so concerned about complaints, why did council ignore hundreds of complaints over the Vidal Street 12-Story Mega-Condo development that they approved? Or the White Rock Muffler Site Development’s excessive height? Or the sudden decision to move the location of the Evergreen Towers that needlessly destroyed heritage trees and impacted local residents and their property values? Or the hundreds of complaints over Omnibus Bylaw 2000 which allowed excessive heights on new buildings on the waterfront, blocking the view of all the existing residents and tax payers? Or the dozens of building permits that have destroyed heritage forests and allowed chain saws, jackhammers and trucks to disturb residents every morning at 7am?

Yet the mayor says “we have had complaints in the last couple of years” about the noise at the Market. Since when does one complaint constitute many? Clearly it does when it serves the Mayor’s agenda. Could this have more to do with White Rock City Council helping their fellow Coalition member while also sticking it to Councillor Helen Fathers who refused to join the Coalition in last years election?

Why is it ok for construction firms to start disrupting our city at 7am but not farmers? If only farmers could find a way to exploit local land to become rich so that they too could contribute to City Council campaigns. Perhaps they should build Condo Towers on their properties, then maybe our Council would listen.

Was this about Frustration with Farmers, or more about Friendly Favoritism for the Few? You decide.

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