Monday’s City Council Meeting – Kudo’s to Some, Not so much for others

A very successful council meeting on Monday! The Community held a fantastic Rally of over 100 citizens who made it clear that “We are the Boss” and want our City by the Sea back under Citizen Control. The Peace Arch News article by Mesilla Smalley was excellent but held back a few punches too.Peace Arch News Photo - Residents Rally for Baldwin to Resign - Melissa Smalley Photo

The Metro Vancouver Planning Managers confirmed (several times) that White Rock controls its own grown targets through the OCP, which they emphasized IS the Law, while the Regional Growth Strategy is JUST a guideline. They also reduced the growth forecast for White Rock from 7000 to 3500. Kudo’s to Councillor Helen Fathers for seeking clarification and getting it very clearly stated from the Metro Van reps. No Kudo’s to Mayor Baldwin who tried to lead the witness and get them to say that the RGS was legally binding, which the Metro Van team made clear that it was not.

Kudo’s to City Planning Manager Karen Cooper who confirmed that given the new numbers, all required growth can and should occur in the designated city center high density zone specified by the OCP. Councillor Grant Meyer and Lynne Sinclair asked for clarification in an attempt to justify further future developments in various single family areas outside of the downtown core. No kudo’s to them, but kudo’s to Councillor Bill Lawrence and Megan McKnight who remained silent and appeared to fully accept the new direction. Let’s hope their votes reflect that in the future!

CAO Dan Bottrill confirmed that Councillor Dave Chesney was improperly censured earlier this year based on the Respectful Workplace Policy 405, which at the time did not apply to apply to City Council members, and thus could not be used to justify a Censure. Congrats and Kudo’s to Councillor Chesney for clarifying this important point with Mr. Bottrill and the City.

And great news that Texor has withdrawn their application to build a 15 story Mega-Condo at the Corner of North Bluff and Nichol. This might not be the last that we have heard of this development, but we applaud Texor for taking the concerns of residents seriously and withdrawing their application for now.

And finally, a warm welcome to our new RCMP Constable who attended the City Council meeting on Council’s request. He is new to White Rock and we appreciate his support and protection. While the constable appeared to enter council chambers on queue when Baldwin publicly insulted residents, kudo’s to the constable for quickly leaving Council Chambers when requested to do so by the general public.

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