Where have all the trees gone?

With the RCMP and City Council now in the news due to Concerns raised by Citizens about Tree Loss in White Rock, it might be a good time to review. Best Practices for healthy cities state that the tree canopy for a city should be 40%. In White Rock, a recent estimate for White Rock is that our tree canopy currently sits at only 2%. Our City of Clearcut Trees

And more trees fall with every new development in White Rock. The Cressey on Vidal for example cut down 14 huge Douglas firs and a stand of large protected trees were cut to make room for the Evergreen Expansion on Oxford.

The clear-cutting of the Hump by city workers, despite recommendations from Transport Canada, cut down dozens of trees including at least six whose trunks measured three feet across and helped stabilize the slope according to a Transport Canada report.Marine Drive Clearcut

All these trees were protected by White Rock’s Tree Protection bylaw due to their size. To our knowledge, No fines were issued by the city to the developers involved, nor to the City Councillor who authorized the Hump Clear Cut.

If the fines were an actual deterrent, there would be fewer attempts at illegal, potentially unsafe work, and the city would save money on the administrative costs associated with having to respond to bad behavior. As well, there would probably be more trees standing. In Vancouver, about half the city’s tree canopy is on private properties, and as a result the city’s once amazing canopy area has shrunk to 18 per cent. Unbelievably, Toronto has a bigger tree canopy than Vancouver.”

bc-stopwork-hires02re1322White Rock is now being used by communities such as Gibson’s as a shining example of how development should NOT be done by a City! Our little City by the Sea is becoming famous as an example of a beautiful sea side down being destroyed by greedy developers and the City Council that they helped get elected. Communities throughout the BC Coast as far away as Norway and Australia have commented on how our problems mirror their own.

george-proposed Hotel and Condo for GibsonsThe issue of excessive development, affordable single family housing, and concerns over speculation of foreign investors driving up prices is wide spread throughout BC. Communities we have heard from include Nanaimo, Victoria, Parksville, Whistler, North Vancouver, Richmond, Tsawwassen, Delta, Vancouver, Surrey, White Rock, Port Moodie, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Kelowna, and of course Gibson’s.

Is your City’s Community and Affordability under attack by Excessive Development and Densification in the name of profits by a City Council that does not listen to residents? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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