Who is being abusive at City Hall?

Mayor Baldwin calls Councillor Father’s suggestion “Ludicrous” when she suggests that the new rules regarding abusive and disrespectful behaviour at City Council Meetings should apply to everyone, including the Mayor. Such comments by the Mayor are abusive and disrespectful, and Mayor Baldwin proves Helen’s point in doing so. Leaders hold themselves to a higher standard, Bullies believe rules apply to other people.


City of White Rock targets ‘abusive’ residents

Read the Peace Arch News article here. In this article, Mayor Baldwin claims that when he called himself “the Boss”, it was someone asked “Who is the Boss here?”. That makes it sound very reasonable, but that’s not what happened. Then later in the same article, Mayor Baldwin called it an Urban Myth that he ever said those words. He said those words, but he didn’t. Quite the feat to be able to contradict yourself in the same article Mayor Baldwin. But what actually happened?

I was at the Feb 25th 2013 Public Hearing on the proposed development of the White Rock Muffler site when Mayor Baldwin said those words “I am the Boss”. But the way Mayor Baldwin describes the context of how this happened in this article is pure fiction.

Mayor Baldwin made this comment during the Public Hearing on the White Rock Muffler development proposal that over 100 residents came to voice their opposition to. As I recall it, several residents were told (improperly) by Mayor Baldwin that they could not get up to speak again. At a public meeting, Mayor and Council are mandated by law to listen and not interfere or limit the public from speaking. The public is allowed by law to speak as many times as they want. But Mayor Baldwin got quite rude and told people to be quiet. When residents got upset and asked why they would not be allowed to speak, Mayor Baldwin said “Because I am the Boss”.

(You can read more about it here in the Peace Arch News:
and http://www.peacearchnews.com/news/197882941.html )

My original post following the public hearing back in 2013 is here. At the time of the public meeting, I was still a Mayor Baldwin supporter but was shocked at his behaviour and at how this proposed development was passed, when all but two residents spoke against the development.

I was a Baldwin supporter at the time, but not after this Public Meeting. His behavior and bullying of the public was a disgrace in my opinion. I have chaired many meetings in my career, including the Nov 10th 2014 all-candidates meeting, and had never even heard of a chair of a public meeting saying anything so offensive and so bullying before that day. Mayor Baldwin is many things, but he is not a good Mayor.

A Mayor has to have good people skills and be willing to listen to views that disagree with his own. That is how we gather the best ideas and create the best White Rock we can. In this article, when Mayor Baldwin calls Helen Father’s comment “ludicrous” because she dared to suggest that rules of etiquette should apply to everyone in the room, including the chair, Baldwin is showing his true colors indeed.

Major Baldwin is open to all ideas, so long as they agree with his own. And apparently Major Baldwin is open to imposing draconian anti-democratic rules on everyone, provided those rules do not apply to him. Well played Mr. Baldwin.

The only “abusive” behavior going on in White Rock appears to be the abuse of power at City Hall and the Destruction of Local Democracy in the name of Densification, Development, and Greed.

At least that’s my opinion. What’s yours?


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