Benefits of High Rises – Dennis Lypka

Hello All:

I will keep this brief. I live in a mid-rise, 12 storey building myself but of course neither I nor any of the other owners in our building had anything to do with the planning, negotiating and approval of the development project that became “The Belaire.” We simply bought into a project that had been approved by the City of White Rock with little, if any to my recollection, fanfare or neighbourhood opposition. Such was not the case with the Bosa Towers. The Public was greatly opposed but the towers still came.

Given our history which can not now be changed, there is a place for high rises in White Rock and that place is the town centre and the town centre alone.

But more importantly, in my view, whether it is a high rise, a medium density project, a duplex or a monster home seeking variances, the important thing is not how much money the project will generate, but rather, what does the neighbourhood think and how will the project impact on existing neighbours and the community at large. This should be the first priority and the paramount interest to be satisfied before any OCP Amendments, Zoning Amendments or Variances are approved. The Public’s interests should not play second fiddle to other interests. Citizens have a right to rely with a decided degree of certainty that the character of the neighbourhood that they bought into will not be changed through aggressive OCP Amendments, Rezonings or Variance Permits.

As for the Bosa towers, yes the Community Centre is a lovely, positive thing but it pales significantly compared to the Kwantlen College Campus that was promised by the Bosa Towers advocates but never delivered.

Dennis Lypka
Candidate for White Rock City Council

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