No More Towers on Vidal Street – Come Discuss April 29th at City Hall

Developers want to build a 12-story high-rise on Vidal. This is not right for White Rock. Residents want to limit development there to 4 stories, as in the new Royce development down the street. Attend the City Hall meeting at 6:30 Monday April 29th.

Sign the petition this weekend or Monday at Marine Drive and Vidal on the water to limit excessive height on Vidal. Fiona will be there to take signatures from concerned residents who want to preserve White Rock, not open it up to exploitation from developers. This affects all White Rock Residents.
The Rally on Vidal with Lilians SignEarlier in the week, residents Lillian Zubor and Pat Patrala met with City Staff to discuss the proposed development and other local concerns. You can view the minutes of the meeting here.

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