Come to City Hall Monday 6:30pm to Discuss Building Towers in Residential Areas

Developers are seeking permission to build a 12 story high rise in a quiet neighborhood on Vidal Street north of Thrift.


More towers hurt property values of existing condo owners, and raise land prices making single family homes less and less affordable in our little City by the Sea. It is time City Hall starting listening to residents, and not just developers.

The Rally on Vidal

Come tell City Hall on Monday night at 6:30pm that we want to preserve our neighborhoods, and not turn White Rock into downtown Vancouver! We have enough towers in White Rock.

Come to City Hall Monday at 6:30pm

Contact Fiona MacDermid at 778-549-0216 if you would like to sign the petition to prevent the Vidal   Street towers, or help gather petition signatures today and Monday.


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