Who is Scott Kristjanson and What are my priorities?

My priorities:
1. Say NO   to more High Rise towers and Monster homes
2. Say YES to improving the beach front services and amenities
3. Say YES to supporting the Arts and Theatre in our Community
4. Say YES to eliminating pay parking. Parking fees hurt us all!
5. Say YES to enforcement of dog bylaws in parks and playgrounds
6. Say YES to transparency and communication from Council
7. Say YES to reducing traffic congestion and Hospital wait times

More Details on my Priorities:

  1. Support limited growth and development within our city to ensure our hospitals, schools, roads and city services can keep up with the proposed growth, while still fostering a healthy environment for our local businesses. Push for development of a more attractive setting for business while pushing back on the building of more towers and more Monster homes. See my info page at https://scott4whiterock.wordpress.com/high-rises/ or on facebook, see http://www.facebook.com/NoMoreHighRisesInWhiteRock
  2. Make our community safer for our kids and pets by enforcing the dog bylaws we already have. Create a system of bylaw enforcement and education that works to protect people and pets from all dogs regardless of breed. Work with schools to ensure playgrounds are safe places for our kids. On facebook, search for “Dangerous Dogs in White Rock” for more information.
  3. Support the Mayor and City Council in their initiatives to enhance our beach and waterfront areas as well as their initiative to support and promote the arts within our community. With a strong arts community and excellent boutique stores, we can make White Rock a great place for business, and still remain a great place to live!

Generally, I believe that White Rock City Council is doing an excellent job, however City Council’s focus on increased development has me concerned about the future of White Rock as a place to raise families. Growth is needed, but it needs to be done with consideration for current residents, and without losing the feeling of community that makes White Rock such a wonderful place to live and raise a family. White Rock can proper through well planned development without more Towers. We can create a city with the look and feel of  Steveston Wharf and Whitler Village combined into one great community linked with a funicular elevator joining five-corners to the waterfront. Some higher density yes, while retaining White Rock’s unique ambiance and people friendly streets.

We need to have council look at current bylaws and policies regarding growth in our city. We need to focus on developing our waterfront area and the businesses there to make it a more family friendly place to visit and spend a few dollars. We need a place where people can relax, not worry about whether they will get a parking ticket. We need to debate the current trend in this city to build monster homes and skyscapers. This is not the kind of city that we want.

Let’s make the right decisions regarding the future of our city by the sea. We do not need to built towers here to draw in business. We need to retain our unique charm and improve on that with better plans for more attractive shops, galleries, theatre, and restaurants. We can draw our customers from the surrrounding cities of Surrey and Langley and beyond with events like the Sand-Castle competition and by providing more activities at the beach to draw in families year round. Why build Towers here, when we already have plenty of customers waiting for us beyond 16th street. If we build it, they will come across North Bluff and help make us proper.

More Towers will not help White Rock proper, better visions of the future will.
More Towers make developers rich but make for poor communities for people.

We need to balance development with the needs of the community and the ability of our services such as hospitals, highways, and schools to support that growth. If you agree, please leave a comment or visit my Facebook site http://www.facebook.com/NoMoreHighRisesInWhiteRock

Thanks for visiting,
Scott Kristjanson

Why did I decide to run for White Rock City Council?

White Rock City Council recently debated what to do about the long history of attacks by dangerous dog breeds within our city as highlighted in the Peace Arch News. Council decided to do nothing themselves, and asked the BC government to deal with the issue. To me, that is not good enough. I have a little daughter and I want her to be safe when she is playing in our local parks and at her school. While I believe that the Mayor and City Council are doing an excellent job in most respects, but as a parent I felt that I needed to raise the profile of this issue and push for stronger control of dangerous dogs within our city by advocating that we strictly enforce leash and dog control bylaws within the City of White Rock and especially in our schools, playgrounds, and parks.

Most dog owners are very responsible in this city so I do not advocate a total ban on all Pitt Bulls or other breeds, but I feel that we need to be doing something locally and now. Let’s not simply wait for the BC government to take action someday as council has decided. I am a dog owner myself and have two adorable little Shih Tzu’s. We used to have three, but a few years back Suzy was attacked and killed by a large dog that bit her and shook her to death. It took only an instant. In this instance, the dog that killed Suzy was a Husky and it happened while staying at a kennel with the owner only feet away. There was no time to act to prevent it. The dog that killed her had no prior history of attacks. We need to make the safety of our children and our pets a priority. We need to insist that dog owners take responsibility for controlling their dogs regardless of breed in a safe manor and we need to ensure that our bylaws are updated and enforced to make it happen.

In addition, City Council is currently pushing for increased development and increased population density within White Rock. They want to build up our city. This means more high-rises. While the Mayer and City Council have good intentions and reasons for wanting higher density housing in White Rock, I want to be a voice on council for less drastic change. I want to see less development of the kind that changes the nature of our city. We live in White Rock because of its beauty and its small town feel. It is a family community and I do not want to see it turned into a city of skyscrapers anytime soon.