City Council approves adding Chloramine to your drinking water, ignoring health and environmental impacts

The City’s presentation on Chloramine isn’t science, its Fake News and political spin at its worst, because it adversely impacts our health and the health of our beach’s marine life while trying to falsely paint this toxic plan as a positive step.

The way to get rid of the brown muddy water is not to hide it with Chloramine, that is known to cause toxic health problems with humans (due to leaching lead from older pipes), and known to be deadly to marine life since Chloramine does not dissipate like chlorine does (Surrey tried Chloramine several years ago, and stopped once it killed all the salmon fry in the nearby creeks).

Don’t be fooled by someone telling you that it is safe to add more Chloramine to your drinking water because trace amounts of chloramine already exist in your water. That’s not science, that’s Fake News!

Blood Components - Science. It reduces the stupid

The adverse effects of chloramine that the city failed to mention in its presentation:
a) leaches lead from city and domestic plumbing;
b) destroys rubber and plastic plumbing elements (gaskets,
toilet flappers, etc.);
c) corrodes copper pipes, joints and tanks, causing leaks within
walls and floors;
d) showers burns the skin of those with sensitivities;
e) causes respiratory problems;
f) shower vapor causes anemia and other blood disorders;
g) adversely affects the immune systems of the sick and elderly;
h) has been found to cause leukemia;
i) is harmful to babies of pregnant women;
j) cannot be used mixing infant formula;
k) has affected thousand of children’s brains across the world;
l) effects on human health have not been adequately researched;
m) effects on city and household distribution systems have not
been adequately researched
n) kills plants and insects and degrades soil;
o) kills fish and other marine life;
p) is identified by Health Canada and World Health Organization
as a significant risk compared to chlorine;
q) cannot be removed by retail filter products;
r) removal requires an special and expensive special whole-house
filtration system; costing thousands of dollars
s) is neither required nor preferred by Fraser Health.

You can read more at the White Rock Safe Water Alliance’s website here

Chloramine in our Drinking Water?

White Rock’s Mayor and Council have heard that people are upset because of all the brown water coming out of our taps since last December.

So rather than fixing the root causes, City Hall wants to add Chloramine into your drinking water to eliminate the brown color. Chloramine is deadly to marine life and is known to leach lead out of pipes in older homes. Your drinking water will be clear, but possibly with increased lead levels. Nice plan Council!

This is a poorly thought out and potentially harmful plan!
The City Council tried to approve adding Chloramine last year, but later promised that they wouldn’t, thanks to the White Rock Safe Water Alliance and other concerned citizens who raised the red flags in the media!

Come to Monday’s Council meeting at 7 pm at the City Hall 15322 Buena Vista Ave, and let the Council know you think this plan stinks!

In January of 2016 because of huge protests and concerns of the citizens, the Mayor and Council voted unanimously to not use chloramine in the water system. Now with no notice and no consulting of the public they are already doing it and plan to increase the amounts. Read tomorrow’s Council agenda: it says that they are doing this for aesthetics purposes! What about the impact to your health? Many believe that Council is only doing this only because the muddy water might harm their election chances in 2018. Long term health impacts won’t show up until after the election, much like the details regarding the EPCOR purchase deal itself! That’s not right!

The muddy brown water problem seems to be related to the city adding Chlorine without proper preparation. But then, they have only been told by Fraser Health to do this since 2011. Unless we are talking about building another Tower, this council does not move very fast!

Adding Chlorine causes the manganese to precipitate out of solution, thus the brown color. This is an excellent way to eliminate much of the manganese, and it used by many cities. After treating with Chlorine (which is safe for humans and marine life), most cities who use it, filter out the manganese precipitate at the source before pumping it to homes. In White Rock, they have not bothered with the filtration step. Now to avoid complaints, they are planning to switch to Chloramine, which is not proven safe, can cause lead to leach out of older pipes into drinking water, and is known to kill marine life. Not a great plan!

If Council really cared about your health, White Rock would have been connected to clean and safe Vancouver City water years ago. Instead we continue to spend millions on wells laced with arsenic and manganese. I think that stinks. What do you think?

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So why does White Rock City Council keep Approving Mega-Condos when Occupancy Rates are so high?

Wonder why Mayor Baldwin and the Condo-Coalition are approving so many White Rock Mega-Condos even though vacancy rates have doubled since Mayor Baldwin took office in 2011? These projects are approved by Council with little public debate, and ignore strong opposition from the majority of residents. Why?

It is clearly NOT about saving trees as Mayor Baldwin claimed last December when Council approved the Elegant Twin 21 and 24 floor Mega-Condos on Oxford street. After last year’s Hump Clear-Cut for votes and the planned destruction of trees on Johnston Street, it is easy to see that trees are not this Council’s priority.

Approving Condos is all about making huge money for developers and speculators and their friends. Many offshore investors are flipping the same property several times before the building is even complete, creating huge profit for themselves and their friends, with no intention of ever living in the Condos themselves, all of which is pushing up prices beyond the reach for locals.

In White Rock, the Newport development on Marine and Oxford was apparently “sold out” a few months ago, but the on-site realtors are still showing display suites and now there are several MLS listings for suites in the development. However, the building is not even finished yet.
New Port at Oxford and Marine

Read the full article in the Vancouver Sun here, then decide for yourself why Mayor Baldwin and the Condo-Coalition have just approved 5 new Mega-Condos in White Rock in the last two weeks alone. It’s not about building a better community, it is a Ponzi scheme that’s destroying our community.

Here are some highlights from the article…

The presale market is the “wild west” of the industry, says realtor Steve Saretsky, who posted a blog post recently, titled “Vancouver Pre Sale Condo Ponzi Scheme.” Mr. Saretsky says it’s common that offshore investors get first dibs on presale purchases. Those purchases are assigned, or flipped, to local buyers at a premium. He says in recent months, as the condo market has hit a fever pitch, so too has the flipping.

Speculative buying is driving prices up, shutting out owner-occupiers and adding to an already unaffordable market. He sees buildings that completed long ago remain half empty. Many of the units appear on Craigslist or the Multiple Listing Service once the building is complete, a sign that buyers have already maximized the gains to be had.

“Obviously they presold them offshore,” says Mr. Saretsky. “They bought them three years ago, made a lot of money, and they don’t have any intention of living in them.

“If you call one of the developers, they say, ‘we are only selling to friends and family and we are open to the public next week.’ But what is friends and family? What is the definition? It’s basically offshore. And everybody in the industry knows it, and nobody likes to talk about it.”

Read Kerry Gold’s Globe and Mail article “Vancouver’s presale condo market reaches fever pitch” for more details.