A Letter to the Editor regarding Excessive Development in White Rock

White Rock Excessive Development Upsets Residents
Dear Editor:
Re: August 5th Stories on White Rock Residents Frustrated by City Hall

I read with interest, concern and sympathy about the frustration experienced by White Rock residents over City Hall’s coy mishandling of the “Waves on Marine” development project (the Mayor personally signed off on permits to allow over height construction, see the Peace Arch News article here) and the impending development project for 1575/1577 Nichol Road. The official indifference and lack of meaningful action shown by the City to the legitimate concerns of neighboring residents is simply shameful.

But sadly, this is not a new thing. Led as they are by the developers’ champion, Mayor Baldwin, the majority pro-development “at any cost” clique currently in command of City Council have left a record that shows a clear and unmistakeable pattern. As Mayor Baldwin has said, so long as he is in control, even greater density is coming to White Rock “whether people want it or not.”

Whether it is the Bishop Road Development, the White Rock Muffler Shop Development, the Mariner’s Reach Development, the Evergreen Baptist Development or a multitude of other smaller development projects, in all cases, the City has placed developer interests paramount above Public interests and concerns of neighbouring residents. What do you think will happen when the EPCOR Oxford Land Development Project resurfaces if all of the current developer clique on Council get re-elected in November?

Come the November 15th Civic Election, use your vote to remind the politicians that the purpose of the City is to provide for the good government of our community for community benefit, not to act as an apologist and enabler for the developer interest group.

Dennis Lypka
White rock, B.C.

Congrats on an Awesome White Rock Sea Festival!

Congratulations and a big thank you for the organizing committee of this year’s White Rock Sea Festival. Onwards and upwards, but thanks for saving it from the brink of distinction. Here is a look at the new float they created for “our city by the sea.”

See a re-cap of the Sea Festival in the www.whiterocksun.com

The White Rock Sea Festival was a huge success this year! Congrats to everyone involved! (Picture by Dave Chesney of the White Rock Sun)

The White Rock Sea Festival was a huge success this year! Congrats to everyone involved! (Picture by Dave Chesney of the White Rock Sun)

White Rock – Should it stay or Should it grow?

The real issue with development here in White Rock is whether our local politicians and local government are working in the community’s best interest. Or, as many residents believe, does it appear that our local politicians are ignoring the wishes of the community? Many would say YES.

It appears that residents are NOT being listened to by our local politicians. Politicians appear to be doing what is best for their own personal benefit and careers, and are doing what is best for filling the pockets of the developers who pay for the politician’s own election campaigns.

That’s a conflict of interest and that is not right!
We demand better from City Hall, or at least we should!.

Scott at Miramar Towers in White Rock
You can read the Surrey Now’s story on White Rock Development by clicking here .

The problem is not with the investors nor even the developers. They are just trying to make a living and there is nothing wrong with that. Provided developers enhance our community and do so ethically with the best interest of the community for long term sustainable growth, that is great. Developers are not the enemy. We hope they continue to develop White Rock in healthy sustainable ways for the benefit of the community, and make money doing so. Money that we hope will be re-invested into the community.

The problem with offshore investors and developers, whether they come from abroad or from Ontario or from Surrey or from anywhere else, is that they have no emotional or financial stake on how their development impacts the residents within the community. Do they care if people are unhappy? Do they care if White Rock becomes another Newton or Whalley? No.

When politicians listen to developers from outside our community, the money made on these developments leaves the community never to return. That hurts the local economy and it hurts local business.

The result of all this greedy short-term development: the community is left in a poorer state financially and, more importantly, loses its small town appeal and community feel. It is us, the residents of White Rock, who are left to clean up the mess left behind.