Kudo’s to Mayor Dianne Watts and Mayor Wayne Baldwin

A great proposal from our Mayor Wayne Baldwin and Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts to move the tracks. Let’s hope that they can make this happen with help from BNSF and the Federal Government. BNSF wants to build a high speed rail link between Vancouver and Seattle and this cannot happen with the current route. So there is some business sense to this proposal. Whether it happens or not. Kudo’s to the Mayors for trying to make things better for our little City by the Sea.

Surrey and White Rock plan to launch a bid to reroute the Burlington Northern-Santa Fe Railway inland and away from the waterfront, clearing the way for a proposed public seawall on the Semiahmoo Peninsula stretching from White Rock to Tsawwassen.

Check out the story in the Peace Arch new by clicking here:
If this happens at all, this would be mostly federal dollars not local tax dollars that pay for this. Sometimes it pays to have something be in Federal Jurisdiction. Whether this happens or not, I give the Mayors full credit for proposing something healthy and long-term for the community. Our businesses and our Waterfront need revitalization, and that cannot happen with 20+ trains flying by each day or with our waterfront being held hostage by BNSF. Yes, it may never happen. But all great futures start with a vision.

City Council Passes Bylaw to Allow 12-Story Mega-Condo on Vidal – Remember, Voting Matters!

The election is coming in 2014, please remember that Louise Hutchinson, Grant Meyer, Bill Lawrence, Larry Robinson voted for this monster development on little Vidal Street as you wait in the traffic jams going to work. Voting matters! Be informed please.

A sad day for White Rock when Developer Greed trumps concerns of residents and the Mayor. The election is coming in 2014, please remember to NOT VOTE for Louise Hutchinson, Grant Meyer, Bill Lawrence, Larry Robinson who voted for this monster development on little Vidal Street. We need a council that puts residents first, not greedy developers.

Read more about it in the Peace Arch News by clicking here.

When you are stuck in your car trying to get out of White Rock, or waiting for hours in the emergency room in Peace Arch Hospital, or your child is put on a waitlist for the program that she wanted, and when your taxes go up or your value of your condo hits rock bottom, remember that your vote is important to your city and your future.

Thanks to Mayor Wayne Baldwin, councilors Helen Fathers and Al Campbell for listening to residents and raising concerns about the Vidal Street Condo development and for voting against this mega-condo!

My heart goes out to the residents on Vidal Street who fought so hard to keep this out of their neighborhood, but sadly lost. Your neighborhood could be next. This is not right. We need to fix this in 2014!