Bylaw 1980 “Lets Add 20 Towers to Downtown White Rock” Public Hearing Monday March 25th

This Monday City Council will hold a Public Hearing at 7pm on bylaw #1980 which will change the OCP to allow up to 20 new high-rise towers in downtown White Rock with many as high as 25 stories tall. Our schools, hospitals, and roads are too crowded as it is. This helps greedy developers but certainly not residents and will ruin this city. Please be there to voice your opposition to bylaw 1980 (aka OCP Amendment #12).
Did you know about this plan? Most people do not. It was posted on page 14 of the Mar 22nd Peace Arch News. Unfortunately, the Ad by the City of White Rock does nothing to describe the true impact of this bylaw on our city. Here is a copy of the Peace Arch News Ad with the section on bylaw #1980 highlighted in red (otherwise you would miss it).
Bylaw 1980 - Notice of Public Hearing - Page 14
Look at the picture to see what this bylaw wants the new White Rock to look like. After you get over the shock, please share this info with your friends and neighbours. We need to speak up against more towers.
ByLaw 1980 Map LowRes
We need sustainable development with a focus on the beach and the arts, not higher population density.