Council Candidate Scott Kristjanson talks about Affordable Housing at the PH2H All Candidates Meeting on Oct 9th

Scott talks at the Sept 9th All Candidates meeting sponsored by Peninsula Homeless to Housing (PH2H) task force. In this talk, I speak about my background and why he started volunteering to help the seniors raise awareness of a proposed South Surrey Casino coming to White Rock, and how Mayor Baldwin’s “I am the Boss” speech during the White Rock Muffler Site Public Hearing convinced him to create the Facebook community page NoMoreHighRisesInWhiteRock so he could call out Council on their bullying of the public and to raise public awareness of issues and awesomeness within their community.

In 2012, whle at SFU as a PhD Candidate in Computer Science, I started attending Council Meetings in my spare time. I met a group of seniors who warned that a South Surrey Casino was being proposed by White Rock. I had friends who got addicted to a nearby casino, got into credit card debt, lost their home on Lake Simcoe, and got divorced. All because of Gambling Addiction.

So I attended the Casino meeting and got involved when I learned that this excellent group of seniors had no website to help get the work out. So I volunteered my time, created the No Casino in South Surrey Facebook site, the NoCasinoSurrey website, a twitter account, and I became the Vice-President of the NoCasinoSurrey association.

I ran the social media campaign for them as a volunteer, and combined my research with others to produce a 42-page report called All That Glitters is not Gold for Surrey Council in 2012 that showed how Casinos hurt society, are being used to launder drug money, and also showed that  BCLC was likely targeting White Rock Seniors.

We presented our findings to Surrey City Council at the Public Hearing in January 2013, and Mayor Diane Watts agreed with us that a Casino would be a negative impact on Surrey residents quality of life and would increase crime, and the Casino was defeated. Meanwhile, Mayor Baldwin would not even discuss the matter in White Rock Council meetings.

Since 2012, I have spoken many times in White Rock Council meetings and Public Hearings. I have spoken about affordable housing, how tax dollars are being spent on helping developers rather than on providing infrastructure, about how building towers pushes people out of our community, and the need to switch to safe and clean Metro Vancouver drinking water as recommended by Fraser Health in 2013, and by the White Rock Safe Water Alliance in 2013, and the White Rock Lead, Arsenic, and Manganese Working Group.

White Rock All-Candidates Meeting tonight at the Community Center

White Rock Community Centre
15154 Russell Avenue (Miramar “A”)
Thursday, October 30th, 2014
7:00 – 9:00 pm

We have heard lots of great questions, but few answers.

Why not ask Mayor Baldwin why, when it looked like the Vidal Street 12-Story Mega-Condo was going to fail the vote, why did Mayor Baldwin delay the vote until the next meeting so Grant Meyer could be there to ensure the vote passed? If Mayor Baldwin was so against the Cressey Mega-Condo development on Vidal as he claims, why did he delay the vote when he could have ensured that it failed? Remember, he claimed to be against the Vidal Street Mega-Condo!

Lots of Promises about Trains, but all we get are fences.

Lots of Promises about Trains, but all we get are fences.

Do not be fooled by political spin, Actions speak louder than words.

Be sure to ask Mayor Baldwin why he did not mention Densification as part of his platform in the Peace Arch News? He has been working hard to increase White Rock density for years. Why not mention it?

Why avoid this topic? Does he not want to tell residents that he strongly believes in more densification whether we like it or not? Is this missing from his message because he knows that it is unpopular with residents?

And ask him why he is increasing densification when it clearly raises our taxes and makes our city less livable by increasing congestion, wait times at the hospital, waitlists in our schools, and more police costs all the while many of these condos remain empty?

Perhaps there are reasonable answers to all these questions. If so, we would like to hear them. Perhaps we will get answers tonight, but do not be surprised if these questions do not come up. The questions are being filtered by the White Rock Business Improvement Association and South Surrey/White Rock Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board.

It is your city by the sea, not Mayor Wayne “the Boss” Baldwin’s and not the White Rock Six’s Pro-Development Coalition.

Enjoy tonight

White Rock All Candidates Meeting November 30th 2014