Time for Action!

Frustrated by Mayor Baldwin and the Condo Coalition making decisions in secret in-camera meetings? Want to talk to a City Councillor who will listen to citizens? Join Councillors Dave Chesney and Helen Fathers on the first Saturday of each month at 10am at the White Rock Public Library.
November 7th 2015A good positive talk today about how we need to take back control of our Little City by the Sea, and start to foster that small town arts community that we all moved here for! The Mayor and Council only play lip-service to the arts while they focus on more towers and more density. We need to stop waiting for City Council to act, and make positive change ourselves. Contact Dave if you would like to get involved.

Some citizens talked afterward about the need to replace Mayor Baldwin and the Condo-Coalition with more City Council members like Helen Fathers and Dave Chesney who listen to citizens and want to improve our city for the benefit of all, not just help their developer friends make more profit.

While we could wait until 2018 for the next election, some people feel that the Mayor and Council are ignoring their Fiduciary responsibility to White Rock Citizens and that White Rock citizens should take City Council to court now. If you would like to take action now, let us know. If enough citizens are concerned and willing to donate time or money, who knows what positive change we can achieve?