Federal Politics – Reject Fear and Vote based on Track Record

If you care about White Rock Densification or too many Coal Trains ruining our Waterfront, then think carefully about who you vote for Federally. Federal Politics affects White Rock now more than ever. After years of neglect, White Rock and South Surrey deserves to have better representation in Ottawa. Vote Smart. Voting matters.

The recent flyer by Conservative Candidate Dianne Watts is a case-study in creating fear in an effort to get votes. We know that Harper has no shame, but Dianne Watts should have known better to try and defend this assault on our collective intelligence.
White Rock Conservation Politics of FearDianne was a great Mayor for Surrey in many ways, but her track record shows that she is definitely pro-development and pro-high-density. Surrey has seen a huge increase in crime and shootings due to its growing pain launched during Dianne Watt’s years as Mayor and continues with her apprentice Linda Hepner. We do not need more of the same here in White Rock and South Surrey. And make no mistake, Conservatives look to the West Coast as a place to invest in the real-estate market, making money for themselves while driving up prices and density for citizens who live here.

A vote for Watts is a vote for Harper. Changes made by the Harper Government to promote Fossil Fuels helped push more and more Coal Trains past our beach. The Harper conservatives created Port Metro Vancouver and PMV is run by political appointees who answer to no one, giving White Rock no say in how many Coal Trains blast by our little town each day. Before PMV was created, the port was run by a board that included locally elected representatives from all affected cities. Before PMV was formed, the Ports listened to citizens and acted on our behalf.

Reject Fear. More Canadians are killed by Moose each year than by terrorists. Perhaps if Canada stuck to Peace Keeping Roles rather than bombing raids in Syria, we might not have to worry about Jihadists in our bedrooms. And all that money spent on bombs and fighter jets and the $800M spent on Conservative PR could instead be spent on Veterans, Hospitals, Policing, Schools, Pensioners, Highways, Bridges, Rapid Transit and of course Refugees like little Alan Kurdi whose family applied for refugee status in Canada and were rejected.

I also cannot recommend voting Liberal if you want to keep White Rock from growing too fast. While Joy Davies was an excellent Liberal Candidate who listened to resident’s concerns about excessive growth, the Higginbotham family is well known in White Rock for advocating for developers and more density. We do not need an MP who will advocate for even more densification in White Rock.

Federally, MPs have done nothing to monitor and control foreign real-estate investment nor enforce laws against international money laundering schemes. UBC Professor Dr. Ley has shown that the Foreign Millionaires buying real-estate in BC is the key factor causing Vancouver’s spiraling housing costs and current housing crisis with a near 100% correlation. We need an intelligent MP who understands that Federal Policies and Enforcement of International Law affects us all, including White Rock.

Who you vote for Federally will make a huge difference to White Rock this year. In this Federal Election, after years of neglect by Conservative MP Russ Hiebert, it is time that conservative White Rock realize that the Conservative Party is no longer conservative at all, but instead a Harper Party-of-One focused on Fear and Fossil Fuels. We can do better.

As much as I admire Dianne Watts in her stance against the South Surrey Casino, as highlighted in the NoCasinoSurrey website and No Casino in South Surrey Facebook page, Dianne Watts, like Hiebert before her, will have little say in a Harper government. Her recent flyer, apparently produced in Ottawa without her consent, proves that to be true.

Read the excellent follow up Editorial about this by Peace Arch News Editor Lance Peverley. Makes good entertaining reading!
White Rock Politics

Personally, I plan to vote Green. I think Elizabeth May is an intelligent articulate leader with a strong moral compass and unimpeachable integrity.

Many respect May’s leadership but feel that their vote will be lost in White Rock by voting Green. If you feel this way, I recommend voting for NDP Candidate Pixie Hobby. While Mulclair’s leadership has been less than stellar by supporting invasive bills based on fear such as C-51 which allows the government to spy on Canadians without limit or court orders.

I believe NDP Candidate Pixie Hobby is a strong and honest candidate with integrity and the best interests of White Rock residents as her focus. Mr. Hobby would make an excellent MP for representing the needs of White Rock and South Surrey in my opinion. In her statement regarding Dianne Watts’ Flyer of Fear, Ms. Hobby made it clear that instead of warmongering, she would focus on local issues such as fighting crime and adding more police to makes us all safer. That makes more sense to me than having Diane Watts help Mr. Harper keep our bedrooms safe.