Texor withdraws Application for North Bluff Mega-Tower After Listening to Community Concerns

The announcement that Texor has withdrawn the application is good news indeed. Our thanks to Howard Steiss, Texor’s VP, who shows a better understanding of White Rock’s resident’s needs than our own mayor and his gang of four Condo-Coalition councillors Meyer, Sinclair, Knight, and Lawrence.

While Steiss said that there wasn’t one specific concern that prompted Texor to pull out of its plans, he said he recognized that there might be a better development option for that particular neighbourhood. “Obviously, there’s a lot of sensitivity in White Rock, and we respect that,” he said. “We just have to work together with the community to find a solution.”
Texor Withdraws Application

Well said Mr. Steiss! Development in White Rock can be a very good thing! When developers listen to the concerns of residents and local business, we can create something excellent. When done right, development benefits everyone and creates a better community for us all in the long term. That is what the OCP is supposed to be for!

More good news from Monday night’s Council Meeting. The new Regional Growth Strategy Population figures have been cut in half to 3,500 in additional population by 2041. Director of planning Karen Cooper told council the city should be able to accommodate this growth within the city’s town centre.

Strange indeed that Mayor Baldwin seemed surprised by these changes, since he gets paid to sit on the Metro Vancouver Board that sets these figures, and should have reviewed these change which are based on Baldwin’s own recommendations approved by Council in 2013.

In the Mayor’s own words: “it’s something that’s very complicated”